ACD Recruitment Asia is a partnership between an international recruitment firm and a law firm with extensive experience in civil and commercial law and was established as a solution to the current labor force crisis in Romania.

By combining the experience accumulated in the two fields, the general recruitment of personnel and the legal field, we can offer our clients both finding the most suitable employees and support in carrying out the bureaucratic procedures for obtaining work permits from the Immigration Office, visas and permits. for foreign citizens.



Recruitment of qualified and unskilled personnel from Asia

All the companies have encountered difficulties in finding the right employees, in the last years, regardless of the activity field or the required degree of qualification.

The massive exodus of the labor force from all categories to Western Europe, the growing economy and the pretentious and unprepared graduates to meet the demands of employers, have generated an unprecedented situation. In the hotel field, in construction, in production, in transport and in agriculture, both skilled workers and unskilled personnel are lacking, despite the efforts made to recruit the labor force from the disadvantaged areas, to qualify the staff and increase the wages.

The number of candidates in the labor market is decreasing, the competent employees have become a rarity, and the fluctuation of personnel generates unsustainable costs. In this context, after 20 years of activity in local recruitment and for Western Europe, we decided that the only solution to be able to maintain the same high standard of recruitment services is to create a new company, by associating with a law firm with vast experience in civil and commercial law, for the sole purpose of recruiting qualified and unskilled personnel from Asia.

The Asian area, due to its extremely large population and relatively low wages, is now an unmatched source for finding stable, hard-working, serious, respectful and grateful employees for higher wages. ACD Recruitment Asia has partnerships with leading recruitment agencies in India, Nepal and Pakistan, so you can recruit the workers you need in no time.